2013 FRC Season

For the 2013 season, the PioNerds competed with a robot named Woody.

Ultimate Ascent

Ultimate Ascent is the game for the 2013 FIRST Robotics Competition. Teams of three robots each collect Frisbees and shoot them into goals of varying heights. There is also a pyramid which can be climbed at the end of the match for bonus points.
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14 brave students signed up the first year and knowing little about robotics or FRC. The team constructed a robot… out of plywood. That robot’s name was appropriately named “Woody.” Drive code had yet to be written as the team drove up to Duluth for the regional event. The robot didn’t move the first two matches and in the third match it drove for about 10 seconds and then tipped over. At that regional event exactly zero points were scored.


  • The Kreimer Family

  • The Heinrichs Family

  • The Santrach Family

  • Matt Sklar & Dr. Kim Loria
  • Deb Victor

  • The Murphy Family

  • The Weitnauer Family

  • The Chastek Family

  • The Rand Family