2014 FRC Season

For the 2014 season, the PioNerds competed with a robot named Smokey.

Aerial Assist

Aerial Assist is the game for the 2014 FIRST Robotics Competition. Teams of three robots play by passing large 20″ diameter exercise balls between each other and eventually scoring them in goals at the end of the field. Robots can pass the balls over a truss that spans the field for extra points.
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With a full year of experience under our belts and only graduating 1 senior from the team, the team was ready for the next season. The team constructed a competitive robot and even had it programmed prior to competition this year. The team was so proud of this robot that they invited parents and sponsors to come see a demonstration of the robot. When the robot was fired up for the demo, there was a ominous plume of smoke that rose from a couple different places on the robot. Needless to say, that was less than desirable, but it did give the robot it’s nickname, Smokey. In the competition, the first points in PioNerd history were scored and was one of the highest scoring robots in autonomous, but alas the team was not selected for eliminations and our season ended.


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  • Matt Sklar & Dr. Kim Loria
  • Deb Victor

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